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The Israeli FinTech Association

Welcome to the fastest growing and most vibrant FinTech ecosystem in the world!


In 2014 we launched what has now become the largest FinTech community in Startup Nation. With a strict focus on serving the needs of the Israeli FinTech ecosystem and with over 30,000 members, our community is rapidly growing through a collective passion for meeting, networking, and sharing knowledge in order to build world-class products.


FinTech-Aviv is an inclusive innovation community founded by a diverse team of well-connected Financial Technology enthusiasts. We co-operate and serve the needs of all ecosystem players, including:

  • FinTech Companies

  • Established CEO’s & Entrepreneurs

  • Global Banks, Insurance Firms & Professional Service Giants

  • VCs & Investment Community

  • Multinational Companies

We are incredibly proud of what this community has become and value the opportunity to innovate alongside courageous entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the world of Finance for the better.


For our corporate partners, whether you require scouting services or need assistance developing innovation programs, we are here to help! We specialize in provoking and promoting dialogue between the so-called “‘elephants” and the “mice,” regularly introducing banks to the most cutting-edge technologies and disruptive innovations available.


We are here to build and execute on your KPI’s and we would be delighted to serve you.


Welcome to the home of Israeli FinTech!

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