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So what makes us the fastest growing FinTech ecosystem in the world? 

Professional Events

Producing tailor-made professional FinTech events and hosting top notch innovations in order to facilitate an efficient matchmaking process between financial institutions and FinTech startups. FinTech-Aviv enriches the members of the Israeli FinTech community by hosting large flagship events at trendy Tel Aviv locations and giving back to the community via regular office hours. Come out and learn more about FinTech and how it can revolutionize your day to day financial operations.

Global Partnerships

Constantly increasing the brand awareness of community members’ companies by providing meaningful exposure on FinTech-Aviv’s website, professional publishers, PR mentions, the sponsors section of FinTech-Aviv’s Meetup page as well as in community driven posts on our social media networks and in marketing materials distributed to event’s participants.

Professional Insights

Our events aim to offer a row of courses and seminars to share professional insights about the latest trends in the global FinTech and Cyber Security industry. The knowledge and potential connections gained from these events are invaluable for FinTech-Aviv members. 


Get a chance to mingle with FinTech-Aviv’s community members during events and engage one on one with FinTech entrepreneurs and Start-ups by sending email shouts to FinTech-Aviv’s 4,000 member database.

Innovation Delegations

Producing incoming and outgoing delegations of Israeli FinTech startups to expose FinTech-Aviv’s corporate partners to innovative FinTech solutions. This promotes an efficient match-making process, and scouting is executed according to the terms and criteria that were determined by the Financial Institutions.

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