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KYC as a Process - Adding Value by Gaining Knowledge

FinTech Aviv card by Max Business
FinTech Aviv vacation card by SkyMax

Here's how you can expect the event to unfold:

18:00 - 18:30 - Networking and mingling over drinks and nibbles

18:30 -18:40 - Opening remarks 

​18:40 - 18:55 - Keynote Speech by Ori Modai, Director of Engineering, Meta Financial Technologies at Meta (Facebook)

18:55 - 19:10 - Fireside Chat with Nir Netzer, Chariman of the Israeli FinTech Association hosting Avigdor Avni, Head of Ubank,FIBI’s Platinum Private Banking Centers

19:10 - 19:20 - FinTech Pitch by Ofer Friedman, Chief Business Development Officer at Au10Tix

19:20 - 19:30 - FinTech Pitch by Doron Hendler, CEO and Co Founder at RevealSecurity 

19:30 - Networking Session over drinks and refreshments

Special Benefits to FinTech-Aviv Community Members:

Equitech Finance offers FinTech-Aviv community members 15% discount on Accounting, Financial Controlling and External CFO services  

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Deloitte Catalyst offers Fintech Aviv community members 10% discount on our line of services to startups: Audit, tax, strategic storytelling, and more.

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Refinitiv offers the FinTech-Aviv community two months free access to its world-leading financial workspace, real time & historical data, news, analytics, and more

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Shibolet is offering FinTech-Aviv members free contracts and legal documents generator

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UbankTech offers Special benefits to FinTech-Aviv's community members for opening a corporate bank


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Enjoy 20% off on commissions for trading in Stocks, Options and ETFs in the US market!

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AWS offers $10K of AWS credits for FinTech-Aviv community Members and free Business Support for a year (of up to $5K)! 

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Finastra offers 50% discount for FinTech-Aviv Community Members for on-boarding to the FusionFabric.Cloud platform 

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Hassans International Law Firm offers €500 credit to FinTech-Aviv community Members for incorporation services in

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BDSP offers FinTech-Aviv community members and corporate partners 10% discount on their talent recruiting packages!

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This event was brought to you by our loyal partners:

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Some of our favorite moments from this event...

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