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Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Position code:


About the company:

Intuitive AI Driven, Machine Learning Solutions


Type of institution:

FinTech Start-Up



Category of position:


About the role:

Develop ML focused solutions for the financial sector using best-of-breed tools combining ThetaRay unique algorithms with frameworks such as spark, MLflow, Airflow, etc. in cloud native environments.
Participate in research and technology innovation to develop more efficient and automated ways to handle ML/DL workloads.
Participate in new product/feature definitions and implementation
Work mostly with Python/Spark on Kubernetes environments.

Required Experience:

3+ years of experience as a data scientist/data engineer/big-data developer.
Experience in defining and implementing feature engineering processes for ML based products
Experience in writing code in Python (and Pyspark) and using Python data-science frameworks.
BSc/BA in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Economics or another related field.
Experience with building solutions with Big Data tools and frameworks such as Spark, Hadoop, etc.
Experience in developing machine learning oriented solutions for the financial sector - advantage
experienced with deep/machine learning framework such as TensorFlow/Keras/Sklearn - advantage
Experience in NLP - an advantage.
Great communication skills.
Ability to quickly learn new technologies, frameworks, and algorithms.
Very good English, written and verbal.

Preferred Start date:


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